Born 1942, Hinwil, Switzerland
Died 2004, Bern, Switzerland
1997Images d'hommes, Galerie Bonnier, Geneva, CH
1996Images de femmes, Galerie Bonnier, Geneva, CH
1991Energy Still life, Ancien Hôpital des Bourgeois, Fribourg, CH
1982Galerie Renée Ziegler, Zurich, CH
1978Hammer 1: I'm lying where I want to lie, Felix Handschin, Basel, CH
2004avec Jürg Hausler, Gallery Hofstetter, Fribourg,CH
2001Facades »Podium (foyer), with Ingbert Kolly, Düdingen, CH
2000télé F-l, with René Progin, Transport, Gollion, CH
19993D Years Gallery Hinqenauer, Galerie Ringmauer, Murten, CH
1996Augen-Musik, Sensler Museum, Tafers, CH
Gallery Nika, SI. Silvester, FR
1994Mll.Cli economy, Galerie Rainer Masser, Munich, DE
1993Energie Stilleben, Atelier, Worb: «ln 23 Hahrnen" for Rosemarie and Franz
Eggenschwiler, Maxe's Kunsthandel, Burgdorf, CH
Enerqiestilleben,organized by Maxe's Kunsthandel, Hotel Giardino, Ascona, CH
1992Enerqiestilleben, with Niki de Saint Phalle, Maxe's Kunsthandel, Burgdorf,CH
Enerpiestilleben, with Edward, Masler, The Gallery ThreeZero, New York, USA
1991L'Ancienne Douane, with Res Freiburghaus, Yves, Nika Spalinger,
Michel Ritter, Max Sommer, Andreas Althaus (lineart), Fribourg, CH
Une Touche Suisse: 700 years of Eidqenossensehatt, Galerie Bonnier, Genève, CH
1990Mineral water factory, with Max Sommer, Heiko Schütz, Angelo Liechti,
Andreas Althaus (Simmental type elevator), Weissenburg, CH
Enerqlestilleben, with Jean Tinguely, Mot-Art Show, Matran, CH
Energy Still life, with Max Sommer, Atelier Worb, Worb, CH
1989Rincovision Zone, with B. Meuwly, J.-P.Guillemin, J.P. Thomas and H. Girard,
Theater at Stalden, Fribourg, CH
Rincovision, with M. Fischer, J.Zurmühle, Basel, CH
Energiestilleben, with Max Sommer, Gallery Hermes, Solothurn, CH
Ricovision, with M. Fischer and J. Zurmühle ,Gallery Hermes, Solothurn,CH
1988Process-Tüsstal Iôkulpturen + Aktionen): Eldorado, was permanently destroyed by
the exhibition of Vandals, Basel, CH
Energie, with Max Sommer, Galerie Bertram, Burgdorf, CH
1987Engraving on slides, Dia-Art, Galerie Bertram, Burgdorf, CH
Oratorium for 21 hands, Magdalenen hermitage, Dudingen / Guin, CH
The unknown of vis-à-vis, Villa with Max Sommer, Galerie Lindner, Vienna, AT
(unknown summit striker):Photos Photo Graffiti, with Max Sommer, Baden, CH
1986Women's Field (chairs): Ego Chair, Ironworks
1985chairs: Ego Chair, Künstlerhaus, Galerie Sonderegger, Solothurn, CH
Photo Graffiti Poetry, with Max Sommer, Fribourg, CH
Engraving on slides, AG (Dia-Art), Gasthof Baren, Veltheim, CH
1984Goldene Ego Box, Hommage à Felix Handschin, Gallery Littmann, Basel, CH
1983Stammgast in der Beiz, Burgdorf, CH
Symposion 2: Holz + Wassep, Exhibition of the Emil Wartmann Collection, Bahnhofbuffet, Basel, CH
1981Hammer 2: Ego Box with Felix Handschin, Galerie Felix Handschin, Basel, CH
Young Art 2: Torstr, Galerie Bertram, Burgdorf, CH
(artists see themselves): Torse, Galerie Bertram, Burgdorf, CH
1980Symposium 1: Sand + Steiner, Burgdorf, CH
1999Rotation 99, Gare de Fribourg, CH
1994Cultural Promotion Prize of the Swiss Bank of 2001 STRATUS
The Golden Gnome Award
1959- 1963 Teaching in Zurich as a decorator for upholstery
1963- 1966 Traveling through France, Austria, Germany, Holland,
Belgium and the Scandinavian countries. On this occasion,
in 1966, he studied in Stockholm with Niki de Saint Phalle
and Jean Tinguely. Since then, he has been working on
various projects by with Jean Tinguely, Niki de Saint
Phalle, Bernhard Luginbühl and Samuel Buri