Retral Images: Balthasar Burkhard, Seth Price and Rico Weber

25 August - 11 November 2017


Retral Images

Balthasar Burkhard, Seth Price and Rico Weber


Proposed by Samuel Gross & Balthazar Lovay   

Opening Friday 25 August 2017

26 August - 11 November 2017



This exhibition brings together three artists : Balthasar Burkhard, Seth Price and Rico Weber, all of whom are deeply reflecting on the development of our addiction to images.


All the works by Swiss photographer Balthasar Burkhard (1944-2010) present the poetic limits of the reproduction of the world. By revealing the delicate veil that photography and its various techniques allow to impose on the world, the artist produces images that dig spaces in our memory.


Seth Price (1973) creates an empirical and sensitive relationship to the world, he aimes at detering the disturbing boundaries of the symbolic images produced by our recent global common history. His oeuvre moulds the aggressive lines of our societies'fractions from our daily realities.


Rico Weber (1942-2004) spent his life trying to extract fragments from the most familiar places, at least at first glance, where our personalities and characters are buried. His strange black resin castings have the texture of ghosts, these images so unique that they haunt us all.


This exhibition is like one of the embroidered images on the back of our jackets.


                                                                                                    Text by Samuel Gross


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