Body Parts: Emily Furr, Real Madrid, Joon Yeon Park, Mia Sanchez, Sarah Slappey, Kyle Vu-Dunn

14 March - 13 April 2019

Galerie Maria Bernheim is pleased to present a group show including new works by Emily Furr, Real Madrid, Joon Yeon Park, Mia Sanchez, Sarah Slappey and Kyle Vu-Dunn. The show entitled “Body Parts” explores the concept of representation of the self through surreal associations. 


Emily Furr is a New-York based artist, transcribing images in classic flat painting style reminiscent of 1920s propaganda posters and surrealist superimpositions. Intimately scaled oils of rockets, vents, chains, and strange tongues floating in celestial skyscapes create an unexpected narrative. The artist’s boxy yet sexually suggestive paintings, executed on board, combine rough surface textures with formal exactitude.

Real Madrid is an artist collective founded in 2015, based on spontaneous points of connection between the practices of the two artists, Bianca Benenti Oriol and Marco Pezzotta, and in particular on n development of social identities, and sexuality matters. The name plays with the concept of competitive spirit and its transformation into a brand, into a merchandise based on strength, on team spirit, on soulmating. The display of the wallpaper represents a motif similar to a virus, spreads throughout the space as a backdrop to the exhibition. 

Joon Yeon Park is a South-Korean artist based in Berlin, working through techniques of computer generated images printed, painted and reworked, she deals with questions of identity through objects and a personal mythology. In this series of paintings, the artist has drawn on images of her mother’s and grand mother’s bedrooms to draw up personal portraits of her inherited identity and the construction of the self. 

Mia Sanchez is a Swiss artist based in Basel, presenting two works, the first one is a video installation superimposing a film following a persona on its journey through nature and another film combining a karaoke soundtrack with the image of a family walking into a sunset. Taking the appropriation of language as the defining point of the construction of our identities, the artist elaborates on unexpected associations of images and sounds. The other work draws upon a motif created by Margaretha Reichard, a prominent figure of the Bauhaus movement. Little velvet puppets are pinned to wall, as if an arrested effort. 

Sarah Slappey is a New-York based artist redefining painting within its traditional framework and techniques. Blurring distinctions between the human body and the body of the natural world, a needling discomfort sublimates the affection evoked within her dense ectoplasm. Wet clouds, verdant nocturnal forests and slimy selfhood are spaces of projection. Dark humor collaborates with delicacy, creeping sensuality couples with swampy repulsion, shadows of privacy bleed into the eerie tenderness of dawn.

Kyle Vu-Dunn is an American artist based in New York. Transforming the space of the canvas, through low relief carved panels resembling ancient Greek friezes, he deals with gay imagery in a subtle new form. When the artist paints his figures and tableaux onto them in acrylics, they become subtly three-dimensional. Unequivocally queer images integrated in complex architectures and textures transform the focus of the paintings and question our own understanding of these metaphors. 


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