VENTIMILE: Denis Savary

19 May - 12 June 2021 Galerie Maria Bernheim | London

Galerie Maria Bernheim presents new works by Denis Savary, exuding the artist’s eclectic and versatile multifaceted practice. This new Series of sculptures embraces his ability to push the material to its limits, in this case multicolored blown glass works will hang like polymorphous chandeliers in the gallery space. As often in his oeuvre, this series pays homage to artists such as Duchamp and Sophie Taueber Arp whilst being simultaneously imbued with themes and images of old-world tales, where temptation and salvation represent two pieces of the same puzzle. The play on light and transparency mixes kitsch with a romantic Raphaelite idea of landscape, whilst creating an immersive environment for the viewer, transporting them to a small village on the Italian coast.