Mitchell Anderson | Landschaftsgemälde | Kunsthalle 8000 | Wädenswil


4 March - 20 May, 2023


How does a crowd react at the moment of greatest panic? Can hysteria be mapped? That's exactly what the FBI did after the infamous Columbine High School shooting (1999): Movement sketches were made of all the students. Zurich-based US artist Mitchell Anderson stages these in his installation "Score for a School Shooting" as a wall-sized composition with over 400 framed copies. "Grey-Zone" deals with the cartography of horror. Over a four-year period, the artist acquired dioramas (landscape reliefs) of battlefields for war-loving hobbyists. Anderson places them untreated in the exhibition space in the form of a floor sculpture that persists as a "landscape painting" between war and peace.




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March 2, 2023