Mitchell Anderson | Regionale 21 - Situation 1 und andere | Kunsthalle Basel | Basel | Switzerland

28 November 2020 – 3 January 2021


Artists have always had the power to conceive alternative ways of thinking, imagining and perceiving and, in so doing, they are able to speak directly or indirectly to the challenges that we face as a society. Seemingly more than ever in recent times, facing situations out of our control has become part of a profoundly collective experience. The group exhibition Situation 1 und andere (Eng. Situation 1 and others) presents eleven artistic positions (created by 14 artists) from the three-country region; through painting, installation, sculpture, video, and drawing, it traces charged encounters, some marked by confusion, insecurity, loss, and uncertainty.

With Mitchell Anderson, Fantine Andrès, Colin Barth and Jonas Huldi, Anna Diehl, Maya Hottarek and Julian Zehnder, Cyril Tyrone Hübscher, Julian-Jakob Kneer, Ambra Viviani, Isadora Vogt, Linus Weber and Marc Meier, Karla Zipfel

Curated by Elena Filipovic, Claudio Vogt, and Renate Wagner

November 20, 2020